Dryer & Biomass Gasification Burner System

Biomass Gasification Burner

Biomass Gasification burner is an ideal high-temperature burner for a variety of industrial heating and drying process. Its performance is as good as a gas burner.

Using biomass as raw material, combustible gas will be produced via our uniquely designed gasification process. Gas fuel is produced under high temperature and biomass pyrolysis reactions. Gas fuel will then be burned to supply heat and its performance is as good as a gas burner.

Users can expect to save more than 30%* fuel cost using our Biomass Gasification Burner.

*conditions apply.


  • Biomass drying (PKS/ wood chip / waste sludge / fiber , etc.)
  • Fertilizer drying (compost / chemical fertilizer)
  • Sand drying
  • Spray coating lining
  • Die casting industry
  • Boiler and furnaces
  • Substitute for diesel heating
  • Other heating or drying application

      Product advantages: 

  • Easy operation and minimal maintenance
  • Fully automated heat supply
  • Smoke-and-dust free clean combustion
  • Performance as good as burner
  • Low-cost with high efficiency heat source for multi-purpose industrial uses
  • 100% bio-fuel source supply**

**offer of biomass supply contract by GGS


Rotary Dryer

This rotary drying machine comes with design that allows flexible control over temperature while allowing materials in full contact with heat for better drying efficiency.

Our rotary drier is designed with the best working conditions, which enable it to save 10-15% of energy and increase 10-15% of productivity compared with common dryers.

This dryer could reduce moisture by as much as 80%*, depending on the type of raw material used.


Rotary dryer is widely used for drying materials in industries, such as in cement manufacturing, mining, building materials, and in producing chemicals, food and fertilizer etc. It has to be paired with biomass gasifier for high efficiency and best performance.

     Product advantages:

  • Energy saving design
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Flexible control over temperature



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