PKS Charcoal

GGS Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal is the charcoal produced by our state-of-the-art carbonization processing line. It is a highly porous material which has huge surface area that exhibits good adsorptive capacities, thus making it an excellent material for waste water treatment, filtration systerm, deodorisation, and even as bio-char for agriculture purposes. It is derived from value-addition on PKS biomass to serve as a substitute for coconut shell charcoal. 

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal is also an ideal precursor material for activated carbon, as substitute for high cost coconut shell charcoal. 



  • Low-cost substitute for coconut charcoal
  • No species variation
  • High fixed carbon content
  • Free of chemical additives


 It can be used in multiple application:

  • As precursor for activated carbon production
  • For water treatment process
  • As biochar fertilizer
  • For residential & commercial heating


  • Iodine absorption number: 200mg/g
  • Ash: ±3%
  • Fixed carbon: >80%
  • CV: >6500kCal/kg

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