Job opportunities

Working for GGS means holding an exciting and pioneering job at the pinnacle of the biomass industry, as this young company is charging with incessant energy towards its ambitious goal of greening the environment.

In recent years, we have developed technologies and created green products in the biomass industry.  In the green sphere, we are a key business partner of several major multinational corporations in the region (please read content under About Us and Milestones).

As a result of our outstanding work and achievements, we have received multiple awards in the realm of developing efficient green technology. This recognition given to us is an honour bestowed on our dedicated team of leaders and professionals.

In recruiting staff and nurturing our talents, GGS has adopted the following approach:

We are people-centric. We allow employees to pursue their interests in the company and we nurture talents according to their strengths.

We provide opportunities for all staff to excel in their fields of work by allowing them to exploit their potential to the fullest.

We focus on the core values of our motto To Create, To Share, To Love, To Envision,  with all employees working towards the goal to create a Green Collar working force for this industry, set up a green academy and create a green economy in the country.

As an expanding biomass company with plans to enter into more green sectors, we offer a wide range of job opportunities within the biomass, agriculture and engineering spheres.

If you share our green commitment and wish to find out if there is a job opportunity for you in GGS, please drop us an email at hr@ggs.my today!