Company Milestones

At GGS, we are passionate in developing our palm biomass business. Due to our deep commitment and relentless efforts, strong leadership and extensive investment in R&D, GGS became a success business story several years after its inception in 2008. 

We have not only collaborated with leading government agencies (such as MPOB) in R&D and the development of biomass-related products, we have also become a key business partner of several leading multinational corporations. These include Nippon Steel Engineering Co. Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation, IHI Corporation, Chinalight (Guangzhou) Import and Export Co. Ltd and Elion Group.

Indeed, the green awards we have won (please read About Us) stand testimony to the recognition given to GGS by the biomass industry. In addition, GGS’ managing director Dato' Joseph Lim has become a regular invited speaker at international forums to share his experience in successfully developing biomass-linked products that include raw materials for biofuel.

Locally, GGS’ views have also been sought before the formulation of Government’s green policies.




GGS entered into joint-venture project with Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and has since successfully developed a piston-pressing technology for briquetting EFB fibre and shells. Since this joint-venture, GGS has gained recognition in oil palm biomass industry.






In 2010, GGS, Nippon Steel Engineering Co. Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation and Ngan & Ngan Holdings Sdn. Bhd. teamed up to set up a pilot plant in Perak to utilize EFB as a raw material to produce biomass coke for steel manufacturing industry. This signing ceremony was witnessed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The pilot plant, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Biomass Coke (M) Sdn Bhd, is the fruit of success of this international corporate collaboration and it is up and running since 2013. 






Since 2011, GGS has collaborated with the University of Nottingham (Center of Excellence for Green Technologies) in exploring and maximising green potential from palm biomass. The parties have jointly developed programmes which could be utilized to establish a complete optimization estimation of palm biomass.







Under the National Biomass Strategy 2020, GGS was commissioned by Malaysia Innovative Agency (AIM) of the Prime Minister’s Office to set up pellet plants to process biomass and export to Northern Asia. During the launch of Phase Two of the Innovation Business Opportunities (IBOs) in Parliament by the Prime Minister on 16th October 2012, GGS Palm Pellet Project was recognized by AIM as one of the IBOs ready for commercialization.






GGS took another leap forward in biomass pellet technology through collaboration with Bioenergy Machinery, a visionary pellet bio-fuels expert in design and manufacturing of pellet machine. GGS will also develop a process system and technology for the formulation and production of palm-based biomass pellet with MPOB (Malaysia Palm Oil Board).






GGS signed MOU with Chinalight (Guangzhou) Import & Export Corp in September 2014 during The China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) for offtake. Chinalight will purchase 100,000 metric tonnes of PKS charcoal and 1,800 containers of palm dried long fiber annually from GGS.






GGS began collaboration with MPOB for the improvement of production plant to produce improved-quality low-ash EFB Pellet. Meanwhile, GGS has established a corporate collaboration with Tokyo-listed IHI Corporation to jointly explore the Japanese market for quality pellet. In addition, GGS signed an MOU with Elion Group of China, with investment capital at RMB1 billion, to jointly develop methods and products for reforestation of desert in China.






GGS’ contribution to biomass industry and national policies

AIM (2013)

GGS contributed views to the planning of National Biomass Strategy 2020 on oil palm biomass.

MITI (2015)

GGS submitted views to the government’s Matrade Export Strategy Lab, proposing Technology of Transfer and Buyback option in business deals.


Managing Director of GGS co-founded The Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC). He is MBIC's Vice President.


Managing Director of GGS has been the Vice President of National Pellet Association of Malaysia (PAM) since 2013.