Message from the MD

In the ever fast-changing world of technology and industrialization, the insatiable demand for a “perfect” lifestyle has undermined our environment. And unfortunately, many are not aware of this. 

I realised the importance of environmental issues when I visited a palm oil mill and saw the extensive damage done to the environment by the indiscriminate dumping of huge amount of palm residue. After this, I decided to find ways to convert palm wastes into value-add products. As a result, Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd. (GGS) was established.

The motto I created can be explained as follows: 

To Create

We will strive to create new products, new market and new industry where many people neglect.

To Share

We are happy and proud to share with the industry our researched products. We believe that by sharing our knowledge, our innovations and creative technology, the green industry will benefit and grow. 

To Love

We will lead by example in what we do to make this world a better place. We should love our world, environment and everyone. Together, we will create a better environment for all.

To Envision

We envision a great biomass industry blueprint. To materialize this biomass blueprint, close cooperation and collaboration from all stakeholders is needed.


The issues all stakeholders have to ponder are:

  1. The Palm Oil Mill – as owner of the palm biomass, how to utilize the resources to create value?
  2. The Buyer – How to minimize cost without compromising on the quality of life? 
  3. The Logistic Provider – How to achieve “fuel-efficient” transfers cost and “space-efficient” warehouse cost?
  4. The Researcher – Could the technology developed be efficient and commercially viable?
  5. The Financier – What financial assistance could bank or venture capital provide?
  6. The Government – What policies and regulations could create a business friendly environment to spur the speedy growth of a green sector?


As the Oil Palm Biomass Industry is still at its nascent stage of growth and development, we need to promote it as an Investment of Love.

Dato' Joseph Lim
Founder and Managing Director of GGS