Palm Pellet

GGS Palm Pellet, of premium quality, is produced by our patented biomass pellet processing line. It is a type of palm based bio-fuel pellet which is made 100% of Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) Fiber. It is an ideal fuel to substitute or to reduce dependency on coal, firewood, lignite and other types of fossil fuel. The properties of the GGS palm pellets are comparable to those of commercial wood pellets.


  • Excellent year-round availability
  • No species variation
  • Lower in ash content and other undesirable elements as compared to common palm pellet
  • Free of chemical additives


GGS Palm Pellet can be used as an alternative fuel for biomass-based combined heat and power plants to produce heat and power, either for industrial use or grid connection and others in:

  • co-firing in coal-based power plant/ industrial boiler
  • Furnace & foundries
  • Brick kilns
  • Residential & commercial heating


  • Moisture: <10%
  • Ash: <6%
  • CV: >4000kCal/kg
  • Bulk Density: >600kg/m3

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