GGS adopts green objective in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes

In GGS, we believe in giving back to society and playing a proactive role to help Malaysians go green in our passionate quest to green the country. Hence, in carrying out our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, we stress on sustainability concept and incorporate green thoughts into our CSR programmes. Going forward, we intend to do more in under-developed regions as our company GGS expands its business empire and spreads its wings overseas. 

Local CSR Activities

In our CSR programme to help 50 Orang Asli kampongs (villages of aborigines) in recent years to stop open burning that pollutes the air, we emphasize on sustainability. Not only do we distribute free organic fertilizer to these natives, but we also teach them how to produce organic fertilizer. 

Overseas CSR Work

Our CSR work goes beyond Malaysian shores. We have helped in building bridges in the impoverished villages of China and distributed school bags to the under-privileged children in Cambodian schools.

Care for Future Generation

GGS is planting the green “seed” in our future generation. Sustainability concept is incorporated into our work in select primary schools, where our employees conduct talks on environmental issues and promote recycling. These schools now organise recycling campaigns every year after learning from our programmes.